Sari Meline, your Coach and Introductionist

Sari Meline, your Coach and Introductionist

Professional and Personal Development Coaching.

With a whole lot of fun built in.

Hi!  I'm Sari.

I'm fiercely focused.

"Fiercely focused on what?" you say.

Focused on helping you kick life's ass
and take all their names.

Focused on giving you the ticket
to arrive at the place you call home.

Focused on drawing the curtains
and letting in the daylight,
so you finally see YOURSELF...
in that bold, vibrant, courageous, and
WHOLE body that you are. 

Imagine you, times a gazillion. Yep. It's like that.

No, really.  This is all true.  You can get there.  Meet Your Life is a successful and progressive coaching experience that will steer you towards the completion of your deepest and most powerful dreams and goals. 

We'll look at your passions and your truest loves, but also explore what is holding you back from the success.  Together we will create clear next steps, and we will get you through that big transition from INTENTION to COMPLETION with accountability and acknowledgement. 

Through it all, we will play with possibilities, being both wildly creative and fiercely focused.

It's up to you to choose to Meet Your Life, and I'm happy to introduce you.